The Just Move It! Challenge School Participation Results are in!!!


Thank you to all those who supported our race this year. It was a beautiful day to be outside and we had a great time together.

The Participation Results are in!!!

All the numbers are in and we had over 700 runners this year, it’s down a little from last year, but we still had a nice turn out and we had some BEAUTIFUL weather for the race! Only a couple hiccups but I would say overall, a very successful event again this year!

We had 356 students from our 9 schools in the district that participated in the event! Below is a breakdown of the participation in percentages by school.

and the TROPHIES for the 2014-2015 Just Move It Challenge goes to………

Olive Mary Stitt and South Middle School


Olive won this year with 19.83% of their students participating.

Windsor was the closest with 13.4%, I bet Windsor can take the trophy next year!

Dryden @ 7.68%

Westgate @ 5.92%

Patton @ 5.53%

Greenbrier @ 2.52%

Ivy Hill @ 1.94%

South takes the trophy this year with 3.82% followed closely by Thomas @2.28% of their students participating.

The school with the most staff that either ran, walked or volunteered at the event gets a catered lunch. We will schedule with the winning school as to the exact date that this will happen.


We had a lot of participation this year from the teachers and staff, but the lunch goes to…

Olive Mary Stitt with 28.36% of their staff participation this year!

South came in second with 12.26% of their staff participating

Dryden @ 10.77%

Patton @ 10%

Ivy Hill @ 8.06%

Windsor @ 7.37%

Greenbrier @4.88%

Westgate @ 3.13%

Thomas @ 0%

Krista Lewis
President ABC/25 Foundation


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