2016-2017 Grants Funded

Karen Wessel Barr Grants 2016-2017

Project – Grant Title Recipient(s)
“STEAMing” it up with Raspberry Pi-The Ultimate Maker space Brian Peterson, Colette Murphy
3D Printer Filament Jessica Kocin
A clicker to make presentations quicker: Kensington Wireless Presenter Remote Jerry Berger, Brenda Miller, Edie Opitz, Cathy Privett
Apps for Education – One $100 Apple VPP Voucher for Every School Marsha Magnino
ART BOT KITS Tricia Fuglestad
Bee-Bot Learning Stations for K-2 students Maribeth Seisser
Books that Foster Growth Mindset- Classroom Book Sets Anny Lee
Bringing Ideas to Life With 3D Printing Marilyn Briggs
Building Bridges with the Three Billy Goats Gruff – Problem Solving STEM kit Kathy Riesing, Heather Coyle, Lauren Glaser
Camera, Soundboard and Adapter – Creating Dynamic and Effective Digital Media Lynn Szabo
Educational Games with Personalized Learning elements Shannon Watanuki
ELMO MO-1 Visual Presenter Kaitlin WIenckowski
Engaged in Gardening – School Garden Project Amy Arce
EngagingNon-Fiction Reading Material Inspires Learning Staci Cronin
Flexible Seating in the 21st Century Classroom Allison Black
Flying Pull-Up Bar: Soaring to New Strengths Colin Craig
Fostering Leadership…One Book at a Time Sandy Tassi, Lisa Welch, and Sara Wunner
Guided Reading in Kindergarten Kristina Krueger
Imagination Playground Julie Nelson
Individual Engineering Toolboxes Shannon Watanuki,Julie Nelson
Intuos Draw Digital Tablet – Win, Choose or Draw! Matt Aho
IXL access – An Interactive Approach to Language Arts Anny Lee
Kano Kit Screens to use with Kano Kits Matt Aho
Kids Read What Kids Recommend- Classroom Library Titles Andrea Kalember
Large Screen Display Monitors for the LMC Lab Nancy Brown
Learning With LEGO – Educational “Building Blocks” Corinne Duffy
Legos For Learning Joanne Scott
Let’s Travel to Africa! Camille Ziemann
Logitech Conference Cam Jennifer Leigh
Microscopes for Science Club Cynthia B. House
Osmo Complete Kits Crystal Erpelo
Our Hive is Alive with Bee-Bot Robots Kathy Riesing
Ozobots- Colorful Coding Bots for All Learners Shannon Watanuki
Pixie iPad app for intermediate students Brenda Stevens
Predictive Early Assessment of Reading and Language (PEARL) – Improving Narrative Language Skills Jutka Jokay
Reading Between the Lines – Practice Reading Materials Melissa Applebaum
School-wide access to DoInk iPad Application Nicole Koob
SnapWords®- Making Reading a Snap! Elizabeth Aiello
Snowball Microphone Matt Aho
Special Delivery – 30 Piece Post Office Kit Kathy Riesing, Heather Coyle, Lauren Glaser
STEM in Action- STEM Building Kits Anny Lee
The Domino Effect Shannon Watanuki
The Sky’s the Limit! Straw Rockets! Cathie Schwarz
Timers – Time is On Our Side Matt Aho
Tripods for Writing and Still-Motion Video Creation Matt Aho
Use Bee-Bots to Buzz Curriculum! Idelle Melamed, Kathleen Corley, Kristin Maksymec
Vocal Booth Portable Recording Box – Who Wants To Record Like a Grammy Award-Winning Artist? We Do! Matt Aho
Wireless microphone system with choir microphones Casey R. Whitaker

Marian Elliott Grants 2016-2017

Project – Grant Title Recipient(s)
Explore, Create and Collaborate through Movement- Manipulative Nicki Koch, Regina Kross, Cathy Dunlap, Erin Sullivan
Flexible Furnishing to meet Learners’ Needs Rebecca Fahnoe
Flexible Seating – Create a CRIB for Collaboration, Reading, and Idea Brainstorming Idelle Melamed, Jennifer Leigh, Mary Goumas, Kathleen Corley
Furnishing an Active Learning Space Alinda Wilhelm, Rebecca FitzPatrick
Increasing the Volume of Text in a Middle School Book Room in Order to Support a Balanced Literacy Approach Meghan Grell, Andrea Luessow
IXL – Individualized Student Learning Tools Nashwa Mekky, Samantha Gavigan, Kirsten Baker, Jennifer Hansen
Learning Commons Café – Flexible Learning Space Rebecca Fahnoe
Spanish Content Area Library Jasmine Myalil, Amy Harder, Amy Welzenbach
Use of Fiction and Non-Fiction Short Reads in 3rd Grade Shelley Fabrizio