2017-2018 Grants Funded


Karen Wessel Barr Grants 2017-2018
Project – Grant Title Recipient(s)
Keeping It Real with Nonfiction Andrea Kalember
Serious About Series–and How They Multiply Reading Minutes Andrea Kalember
Books about Kindness and Inclusiveness for EL/Sheltered Classrooms Julia Pemberton, Susan Hernandez
High Interest-Low Readability Books for Hard Working Readers Lisa Szydlowski
That’s What She Said Lauren Salsinger
Social and Emotional Learning through Literature Maria Beck
Ebooks to Spark and Support Sensational Science and Beyond! Idelle Melamed, Mary Goumas, Corine Wegley, Amanda Vincent
Standing Desks for the Classroom Ellie Chin, Janet Iacovelli, Jenni Kopecky
Legos + a Wall = A TON of FUN! Vicky Stella
A-MAZE-ing Engineers! Shannon Watanuki
Whirligigs Tricia Fuglestad
School-Wide Articulation Support Program for General Education Students Kathleen Ipsen
Musical Dancing Flip Books Tricia Fuglestad
Dominating Learning Opportunities with Dominoes Sandy Tassi, Kristen Gattuso
Making Fine Motor Skills Fun! Heather Coyle, Lauren Glaser, Kathy Riesing
Limitless Learning with Legos Ginger Harris, Julie Nelson
Purposeful Play Heather Coyle, Lauren Glaser, Kathy Riesing
Learning Through Play Jennifer Leigh
Legos- Unleashing Creativity Brick by Brick Shannon watanuki
Let’s Stick Together! Melissa Applebaum
Constellations: Making Cross-Grade Collaboration Possible Laurie Wasik
Gears, Gears, Gears – Hands-on Engineering Fun! Vicky Stella
Dominoes, Active Learning Across the Curriculum Vicky Stella
Use Bee-Bots to Buzz with Coding and Curriculum! Kathleen Corley
Magnetic Manipulatives Jake Poliszczuk
Let’s Take an African Safari! Camille Ziemann
Fill a Void with a Trapezoid Deb Pusateri
Creating a Community Through Art Vicky Stella
Apps for Education: One $100 Apple VPP Voucher for Every School Lynn Szabo
Own Your Learning with Ozobots Katherine Redmon, Wendy Danley
Expanding Learning with ELMO Amy Arce
Old School Photography Matt Aho
Star Reading with Starling Amy Arce
Spheros Challenge Students to Program through the Curriculum Kathleen Corley
Let’s Get Interactive: Mimio Technology for Math Intervention Lisa Szydlowski
Beep, Boop, Bop–littleBits® Droid Inventor Kits Donna Hynek, Julie Nelson
Increase student engagement and drive collaborative learning with Mimio Interactive Touchboard Marilyn Briggs
Getting the “Big Picture” with Elmo MX-1 Visual Presenters Corinne Duffy, Paula Sullivan, Carol Nelms
Pilot Translating Earpiece and App Joanna Wrobel
Creating a Sound Space for Digital Documentation in the Classroom Maria Beck
Kinetic Learning with Osmo Learning Systems Trish Richards
Marian Elliott Grants 2017-2018
Project – Grant Title Recipient(s)
My Country & World Holidays Library Jasmine Myalil, Amy Harder, Amy Welzenbach
Science Here, Science There, Science, Science Everywhere! Nicki Koch, Regina Kross, Cathy Dunlap
Expand the Fun and Learning with Osmos Activities Kathleen Corley
Small Group Learning with Osmos Kristina Krueger, Joanne Scott, Lisa Swedo, Julie Paxson, Kristin Kaiser, Braedyn Niquette
Dude Be Nice Student Leadership Training Piper Boston, Meghan Preissing, Jenna Lumsden
LEGO WeDo 2.0: Inspiring a New Generation of Designers! Laurie Wasik
Dazzling Learners with Drones Jackie Loeppert, Julie Nelson
Hummingbird Robotics Kits: Making the Curriculum Move Laurie Wasik