2018-2019 Grants Funded


Project – Grant Title Recipient(s)
Augmented Reality Animated Bobbleheads Tricia Fuglestad
Gingerbread Man Problem Solving STEM Kit Kathy Riesing, Lauren Glaser
U-Learn with Ukeleles Len Deptula, Akemi Sessler
Epic Lego Wall Lorrie Palm
No Nonsense Number Sense Kathleen Tazi, Bonnie Bedingfield, and Colleen Swanson
Fact Fluency: Problem Solved Aisma Bhatty, Karen Galazka, April Kathan, Denise Likes, Claire Montrie, Kristin Stemler
Action Book Club Gail Komarek, Idelle Melamed
Banana-Grams; More than just a Game Lynda Mueller, Karrin Musich
Social/Emotional Support Tools Amanda Czerniuk, Erin Davis
A Lego Wall for All: Building a Lego Wall for our Entire Learning Community Shannon Watanuki, Becky FitzPatrick
Optimal Learning with Extra Osmo Bases Kathleen Corley
Sensational Sound Booths for Creating and Sharing Clearly Idelle Melamed, Kathleen Corley, Jennifer Leigh, Brittany Donovan
Who Was? What Is? Where Is? Ignite students’ passion for history and current events! Idelle Melamed, Amanda Vincent, Mary Goumas
Idea Paint Joy Kirr
Stop Writing on the Tables…Oh Wait… Joe Kim
Hokki Stools Joy Kirr
Inclusive Literature – That’s Me in that Book! Amy Arce
Social and Emotional Learning Through Purposeful Play Jen Schmidt, Lea Samartino, Stephanie Roche
Purposeful Play with Imagination Blocks Vicky Stella, Jennifer Schmidt, Stephanie Roche, Lea Samartino
STEM Fun in First Grade Kristina Krueger, Kristin Kaiser, Julie Paxson, Lisa Swedo, and Joann Scott
All-In-One-STEM for Primary Learners Vicky Stella, Amy Welzenbach
Legos Inspire Creativity and Innovation Shelley Fabrizio, Vicky Stella
Go for All the Marbles! with Hands-On STEM Learning Kristen Clark
Dryden Place Garden Larry Joynt
Apps for Education: $100 Apple VPP Credit for Every School Lisa Szabo
Students Own the Learning Stefanie Beane, Beth Kovacic, Michael Hausler
Can we build it? Yes, NOW we can! Laurie Wasik
Elementary Students are Abuzz About Learning with BeeBots Janine Feil, Lorrie Palm
Learning Accessible to All with an Elmo Document Camera Nicole Vanderwiel
Functional Art with 3D Printing Nicole Vanderwiel
Do you want to build a robot? Janine Feil
BeeBots to the Rescue: Engaging our Youngest Learners with Technology Janine Feil, Barbara Mack
Coding, Math, and Literacy… OH MY! Bonnie Bedingfield, Colleen Swanson, Kathleen Tazi
Giving Everyone a Voice: The Qball-Throwable Microphone/Sound Enhancement System Maria Beck
Bee-Bots and Osmos Oh My! Mrs. Seisser, Mrs. Martens, Mrs. Naughten
“Dash” Into Coding Kathleen Corley
Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future Becky Kleist
Immersive Learning With Classroom VR/AR Kits Kaitlin Fajks
An Inspiration for ALL Students Susan Williams, Lauren Salsinger
I See What You Mean Susan Williams
Kinetic Learning with Osmo Learning Systems Kristen Wenzel, Sandy Tassi
Liftoff to Learning With Drones Jackie Loeppert, Julie Nelson
I Can See Clearly Now, the ELMO’s Here Maribeth Seisser, Julie Nelson
Turn Up the Volume on Reading! Stephanie Roche