2019-2020 Grants Funded



Project – Grant Title Recipient(s) School(s)
Learning with Literacy and Math VersaTiles Kristen Clark Windsor
Augmented Reality Kindness Campaign Posters Tricia Fuglestad Dryden
Social thinking curriculum for social work support Tricia Fuglestad Olive-Mary Stitt
Privacy Please! Piper Boston, Lindsay Anastacio Windsor
Fun Factual and Fantastic Nonfiction Books All Elementary
Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit- Kindergarten through Grade 5 Bundle-5 Julie Silva Greenbrier
Portable Greenhouse/Cold Frame Rachel Wilson Dryden
Hands On Fun with Greg Tang!
Vicky Stella, Kristina Krueger, Karen Galazka, Kristin Kaiser, Julie Paxson, Lisa Swedo
Ready to sit? Let’s learn for a bit! Julie Salski Ivy Hill
Magna-Tiles…A Very Attractive Grant Jennifer Schmidt, Lea Samartino, Stephanie Roche, Jennifer Licato Windsor
Windows and Mirrors for Beginning Readers! Stephanie Roche Windsor
Growing our Mindset Piper Boston, Lindsay Anastacio Windsor
It’s Showtime! Kathy Riesing and Lauren Glaser Dryden
Choose Your Own Adventure – Read all About the Coolest Careers! Idelle Melamed, Amanda Vincent, Mary Goumas Patton
Get Your Goosebumps Reading this Fresh New Graphic Series Idelle Melamed, Shannon Jedd, Jessica Rusch Patton
Creating a Sound Space for Digital Documentation in the Classroom Kristen Wenzel and Lauren Cory Westgate
Build Engineering, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Creativity and even Literacy Skills with Legos! Idelle Melamed, Jean McLoone, Jennifer Leigh Patton
Making Words Using Affixes and Magnetic Letters in the Intermediate Grades Claire Hasemeyer Ivy Hill
Bilingual books in English and Hindi for Elementary Students Becky Dufern Ivy Hill
Idit-A-Challenge Deb Wilson Olive-Mary Stitt
Slay the Guessing Monster! Flora Gorman and Julie Salski Ivy Hill
Comfort and Joy Bridget Venticinque Ivy Hill
Balance Beans to Sumoku: Games to Bring into Guided Math Kimberly Kusiciel Olive-Mary Stitt
Dreambox for First Grade at Greenbrier Jen Dawson Greenbrier
Greg Tang Math Class Kits Laurie Wasik Dryden
Bringing Play Back! Laurie Wasik Dryden
ExploringThe Creative Curriculum Through Purposeful Play Materials Nicki Koch, Tiffany Repsher Greenbrier
1,2,3 All Eyes on ELMO! Elizabeth Gabianelli Westgate
Seesaw Sound Booths Elizabeth Gabianelli Westgate
Giving Everyone a Voice: The Qball-Throwable Microphone/Sound Enhancement System Maria Beck Olive-Mary Stitt
Use Bee-Bots to Buzz with Coding and Curriculum! Kathleen Corley Dryden
Can I see that? Brenda Stevens Olive-Mary Stitt
Did you see that? VR for science (and history)! Janine Feil, Angela Burns Ivy Hill
Apps for Education, Apps for Everyone! Lynn Szabo All Schools
Seeing is Believing Wendy Danley Westgate
Mimioteach Interactive System Nicole Joerger Thomas
Creative and Interesting Communication Capability! Kathleen Corley, Idelle Melamed, Chris Bishp Patton
Making the Cut for Early Literacy and So Much More Lorrie Palm Greenbrier
Definitely Not for the Birds! Lorrie Palm Greenbrier
Tech Gets Creative with the Crayon! Kaitlin Fajks Thomas
Creating Classroom Podcasts Jessica Rusch, Patton Intermediate Team Patton
Innovation Lab Creation Tools Beth Kovacic Dryden
The Creative Classroom Jennifer Leigh, Shannon Jedd, Stephanie Goulding Patton
Collaboration Space in our MakerSpace Tricia Fuglestad Dryden
Coding and Creating with Ozobots Kathleen Corley Dryden, Patton, Windsor
An Apple a Day Keeps Learning in Play Lynn Szabo Westgate
Exploring in a Virtual and Augmented World! Kathleen Corley Dryden, Patton, Windsor
Marvelous Minis- Robots for the Classroom Jennifer Leigh, Shannon Jedd Patton