Board of Directors

The ABC/25 Foundation’s Board of Directors includes district parents, local community leaders, and school administrators that volunteer their time to serve the students of District 25. For the 2018-2019 school year, the Foundation has reorganized the Board of Directors to better streamline our efforts and to help provide a greater focus as we look to bring innovative ideas into our schools!

2018-2019 ABC25 Board of Directors

Jessica Hutchison President
Ann Poyer Grants, Secretary, & Communications
Christine Wellner School Liaison Coordinator

Diane Ligsoo     &     Angie Thanopoulos

JMI Race Co-Directors &
Will Unger Treasurer
Erik Poyer Membership

School Liaisons & JMI Representatives

Dryden School
Gina Lambert (Liaison)
Kristin Lamberes (JMI)
Greenbrier School
Penny Metropoulos (Liaison)
OPEN – JMI rep
Ivy Hill School
Megan Gettner & Katie Rausch (Liaisons) &
OPEN – JMI rep
Olive-Mary Stitt School
Tanis Kurzynski &      Elizabeth Berger (Liaisons) &
Bridget Stannis (JMI)
Patton School
Kevin Seifert (Liaison)
Mary Goumas (JMI)
South Middle School Heidi Walczak (Liaison & JMI )
Thomas Middle School
Jen Schmidt (JMI)
Westgate School
Stacy Schulman (Liaison)
Katie Niemiec (JMI)
Windsor School
Elyse Coval (Liaison)
OPEN – JMI rep

Other Important Partners

Administration Rep Dr. Lori Bein
Principal Rep Brad Carter (Westgate)
School Board Rep
Anisha Ismail Patel
Brian Cerniglia (alternate)
ATA Rep Kim Dyer (South)
PTA Council Presidents Kim Kusciel

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