2016-2017 Teacher Grant Proposals

The ABC/25 Foundation Teacher Grants are intended to fund a variety of programs and projects that would not be possible under current school district budget constraints. In 2015-16, the foundation awarded 49 Karen Wessel Barr Teacher Grants (KWB) totaling $24,105 and 9 Marian Elliott Grants(ME) totaling $21,032.

Grant Proposal Guidelines

  • Which grant should you apply for?
    • If the proposed grant budget is LESS than $1,500 –> Karen Wessel Barr Traditional Teacher Grant (KWB)
    • If the proposed grant budget is $1,500-$3,000 –> Marian Elliott Excellence in Education Grant (ME)
  • Grant award items must be ordered by February 17, 2017; all unused funds will be returned to the Foundation’s grant program.
  • Proposals can be submitted by an individual teacher, several teachers, or teachers and administrative partner; however there should be one teacher identified as the primary contact for the grant proposal.
  • Multiple grant proposals may be submitted; each must be registered in order to obtain a cover sheet.
  • *New requirement* – Technology related equipment requires your completed quote be reviewed and approved by Tech25 to ensure compatibility and support, before being submitted.(See ABC/25 Tech 25 Quote Review below for details)

ABC/25 Tech 25 Quote Review 

All ABC/25 grant quotes must be reviewed by Tech 25 to ensure compatibility and support, before being submitted. All completed quotes should include product name and description, quantity, vendor name and shipping/ delivery costs.  They can be sent to tech25@sd25.org with a subject heading of “ABC/25 Tech Proposal – Last Name”.  Requests will be processed within 3-5 days and must be submitted to Tech no later than September 23. Any technology-related grant proposal that does not have a quote approved by Tech25 WILL NOT be considered.

Key Dates/Events

July 1, 2016 – September 30,2016 – Grant Proposals accepted
August 17, 2016 – Grant Writing Workshop @ Tech Academy, Thomas MS
September 23 – Last day to request Tech 25 Quote
September 30,2016 4 PM – Deadline to submit Grant Proposals (Central Administration, 1200 s. Dunton Ave)
November 15, 2016– Grant Selection Meeting
December 9, 2016 – Grant recipients notified
February 17, 2017 – All Grant award items must be ordered
April 2017 – Grant recipients honored

Grant Proposal Submission

Completed ABC/25 Foundation Teacher Grant Proposals consist of the following components:

  1. Register your Grant proposal here and obtain a cover sheet (If multiple grant proposals are submitted, EACH must be registered individually.)
  2. Have the cover sheet generated in step #1 signed by your principal to submit with your proposal.
  3. Complete all items in the ABC/25 Foundation Teacher Grant Proposal Instructions
  4. Submit ONE printed copy of your cover sheet, grant proposal, and all attachments paper clipped together to Dr. Bein’s office at Central Administration (1200 S. Dunton Ave) by Friday, September 30th at 4PM. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.

Thank you for impacting the learning in District 25 schools!

For questions, abc25president@gmail.com