Yankee Candle® Fundraising-old

yc_pic1We are very excited to partner with Yankee Candle® Fundraising this Fall. By offering premium products from the world’s #1 candle brand we’re hoping to reach our fundraising goals and present our supporters with products they actually use and want.

Go online at  www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and click on the “Seller Login” button and fill out the “Sign up to be a seller” form; use your Group Number below to register. Follow the simple instruction and have informational e-mails sent to friends and family across the country. Their purchases will be delivered directly to them and ABC/25 Foundation can raise more money for teacher grants!

All orders are due by January 11, 2017.

  • Dryden: 990023841
  • Dunton Central: 990025434
  • Greenbrier: 990023843
  • Ivy Hill: 990023844
  • Olive: 990023845
  • Patton: 990023846
  • Westgate: 990023847
  • Windsor: 990023848
  • South: 990023849
  • Thomas: 990023850


QUESTIONS? SUGGESTIONS? Contact abc25president@gmail.com